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The National Timber Product Stewardship Group (NTPSG) is an initiative of the timber and wood products industry to double the recovery of post-consumer timber and wood products to one million tonnes per year by 2017.

Who we are

Membership of the NTPSG is comprised of major industry associations and companies whose members and staff supply raw material, process, import, manufacture and distribute timber and wood products throughout Australia.

The Timber Development Association of NSW provides secretariat services to the NTPSG.

A number of representatives of state governments such as the NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change and Queensland Department of Tourism, Regional Development and Industry and attend meetings of the NTPSG to assist in the achievement of our aims.

The NTPSG has Terms of Reference and meets at least twice a year. To obtain a copy of the Terms of Reference click here (pdf 35kb).

Our Objectives

Representing all sectors of the timber supply chain, the key objectives of the NTPSG are to:
  • Double the recovery of post-consumer timber and wood products for reuse, recycling and energy by 500,000 tonnes to 1,000,000 tonnes by 2017;
  • Optimise the positive environmental outcomes from the disposal of residual post-consumer timber and wood products;
  • Have the industry recognised as achieving these objectives.

The NTPSG will achieve these objectives by:

  • Developing and implementing a product stewardship Strategy for post-consumer timber and wood products;
  • Coordinating timber industry activities to achieve the Strategy;
  • Commissioning, conducting and advocating research and development projects, considering whole of life consequence;
Educating and informing industry, government and consumers.

The Strategy

Timber - More Life is the Product Stewardship Strategy for Post-consumer Timber and Wood Products.

Download a copy of Timber - More Life (pdf 249kb).


The National Timber Product Stewardship Group was formed in July 2007.

It succeeded the NSW Treated Timber Product Stewardship Group which was formed in January 2006.